1. Start
  2. Getting Started
  3. Install
  4. Settings
  5. Envato
  6. Tags
  7. Base posts
  8. Twitter
  9. CRON and auto-tweets
  10. FAQ
  11. Change Log

Social Talker for Twitter

Thank you for purchasing my item, Social Talker for Twitter. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Getting Started

First, you need to copy a folder "stt" and its contents to you on FTP

Second, make sure that your hosting meets the minimum requirements

Minimum requirements


Point your browser to the folder URL "stt". Example: http:/php.foxsash.com/stt/

After successful installation, page will change and you will see the authorization form. Enter your administrator login and password, that you have set during installation.

After successful installation, go to Settings. Description section in the graph below..

Settings Section

In order for everything to work correctly, please read this section.

General block settings

  • "Text template" - in the template, you can write any text includes variables "{$text_array1}{tags}{$text_array2}{$name}{$link}"
  • "{$name}" - portfolio item title (auto)
  • "{$link}" - link to page on marketplace (auto)
  • "{$text_array1}" - string variables separated by ";"
  • "{$text_array2}" - string variables separated by ";"
  • "{tags}" - number of tags used in the message

Twitter block settings

Register a new client app with Twitter

Navigate to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/ and click on "Create a new application". You might have to log in to the Twitter site first, if you’re not already. Fill in the registration fields as follows:

Note: whatever you specify for Application Name will be the “via” name your followers see in the details of tweets issued from your command line app: When finished on the registration page, click "Create you Twitter application".

Next page:

Click "Create my access token"

Copy Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, Access token secret to STT - Twitter Settings

In the Settings tab, set "Read and Write"

  • "Twitter name" - twitter screen name
  • "Number tweets" - Number tweets on STT twitter page

Should look like

If all serrings are correct, "Twetter Settings Status" you must give "OK". In case of errors interact with your keys Twitter API, you can see in the Status.

Bittly block settings


Register for the service https://bitly.com/

Copy Login & API key to STT - Twitter Settings

Envato block settings

Copy you Username Envato Marketplaces to STT - Twitter Settings

Envato Section

Under "Envato" tab will be displayed your Envato's Marketplaces projects. If in the settings you have specified the correct Username Envato Marketplaces

To display the project, click "Update".
"Delete all" Remove all the projects and their associated tags.

Checking Envato's projects is for all Envato Marketplaces:

  • activeden.net
  • audiojungle.net
  • themeforest.net
  • videohive.net
  • graphicriver.net
  • 3docean.net
  • codecanyon.net
  • marketplace.tutsplus.com
  • photodune.net

After that all your projects will appear in this section Envato. To add tags, you need click on "Update tags". Tags are parsed form product page on the site Envato Marketplaces.

If checkbox checked in column: "Use in generation tweets", then the project will participate in the generation of tweets.

You can also add projects not only from Envato Marketplaces. To add a single project, click "Add"

  • Name project - title of the project, is involved in the generation of tweets
  • Author - Item's author
  • URL item sale - Link to the item
  • Thumb src - Item's thumbanial
  • Preview src - Main preview image
  • Tags, separated by ";" - Tags ;

Each added product you can edit by clicking "Edit".

Button "Delete" will dete item and all tags for that item

Tags Section

The section shows the unique tag of your work. You can also add your own tags, they will participate in geniratsii messages in case the work missing their tags. Add custom tags with the separator, or a line break. Added tag you can delete.

Base posts Section

To generate a tweet posts, click "Generate", putting the number of messages you want to receive. Messages are generated by the following rules:

  • Message templates configured in the Settings
  • The number of used tags in the message set in the Settings
  • Message is only for use as disclosed in "Envato"

You can also add text messages to be published - the button "Add tweets". Message must be separated a line break.

Each message can be manually deleted or the Tweeted. Look carefully for the long message, Twitter limit of 140 characters per message. The column "String length" will help you identify long messages.
In the column "Count" shows how many times the message was posted on Twitter.

You can delete all the messages in the database using "Delete All" button

Twitter Section

You can quickly view your feed. The page displays the complete information of your Twitter users. Number of recent tweets set in the Settings section.

You can always check your work on twitter.com

CRON and auto-tweets

To automatically publish messages you need to setup your cron task.
In the settings, you need to copy direct path to the cron script.

To verify, you can go directly to the link yousite.com/stt/cron_auto_posts.php

Contact your hosting provider for instructions on how to setup cron for your hosting account (eg: from ISP Manager).

/usr/bin/php /var/www/user/data/www/yousite.com/stt/cron_auto_posts.php


  • - Not published reports on Twitter
    Check "Read and Write" и "Callback URL" в https://dev.twitter.com/apps your application, Settings Section
  • Change Log

        	Version: 1.0
            — Release